There is also an ENDURO VERSION with the help of SHUTTLE!

Crossing the Island of Elba by MTB along cycle paths (S1/S2). Tested and approved by Elba MTB. The route avoids the wildest trails on the island, typical of the GTE (Grande Traversata Elbana) trekking version, but still requires experience in single track riding.

The GTE version is not suitable for Bike use: too many stretches of uphill portage (even in the case of e-bikes and expert bikers) and difficult descents, which often do not have the flow characteristics that a single-trail must have to be appreciated by the bike user.

90km x 2400m+



S1 On an S1 trail you will find small obstacles such as not very prominent roots and small stones.
Often the increased difficulty rating is due to the drains or erosion. In S1 single trails the surface could be not very compact. The gradient reaches a maximum of 40% and no switchbacks will be encountered. Starting from S1 level, basic mtb riding techniques and good concentration are required. The most trickier passages require the ability to dose the brakes and to affect the trajectory by body displacement. Obstacles can all be rolled over with basic riding skills.

S2 – The S2 classification includes routes that have larger roots, stones, steps and stairs in sequence that are not very demanding. You will often come across sharp, almost hairpin bends and gradients that in some passages can reach 70%. Obstacles can only be overcome with decent driving skills. The ability to brake at any moment, together with the ability to shift the balance points of one’s body, are necessary techniques for level S2. Equally necessary is knowing how to precisely dose the braking and keep the body always active while driving.

Possibility of ferrying to Cavo without a car and using our Bike-Shuttle to transport luggage to our Residence.

Upon arrival of the GPE in Sant’Andrea, return with our Bike Shuttle.


90km for 2400m altitude+

Average Time:7h
Altitude max:532m
Altitude+ tour:2.400m

Given the mileage and difference in altitude, we recommend completing it in 2 days with a stop halfway through near Lacona or at our Residence.


The technical and altimetric difficulties make it difficult to give an estimate of time: a technical and well-trained cross-country biker can ask for a ride in one day in about 6 hours. In the case of a technical and averagely trained biker, in about 7 hours. If you have technical and/or training deficiencies, the GPE requires 2 days to complete, with a time (per stage) of approximately 4/5 hours.


If you are a group, write to us for a cost estimate including accommodation. If you are an individual, contact us anyway and we will find the best solution for you.

The tour includes the normal costs of the guide + shuttle transfer. The costs of the guide can be viewed on the relevant bike tour page (depending on how many days it takes and therefore how committed the guide is) while the price of the Shuttle to Lacona/Cavo and Sant’Andrea/Lacona is €100. Both guide and Bike-Shuttle are to be divided among the group.

Elba MTB offers a 5-day itinerary that covers the whole island: Monte Calamita, Monte Perone, Monte Capanne, Monte Tambone and the northern part (Porto Azzurro/Cavo): FIND OUT MORE.

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