There is also a CLASSIC VERSION more focused on adventure and less on descents

The crossing of the Island of Elba in the Enduro version crosses technical paths both uphill and downhill: downhill sections reaching a scale of S3 and S4 (see below). Tested and approved by Elba MTB. Present the most iconic descents with the help of the shuttle to regain altitude on the most impervious sections.

elba super trail enduro-3



S3 – The S3 category includes single trails that have many technical passages made up of blocks of rock and/or roots. You will often encounter high steps, hairpin bends and difficult slopes and rarely smooth passages. Often you will also have to deal with slippery and loose soil. Sections with a gradient exceeding 70% are not uncommon. The S3 passages do not yet require the use of a trial technique, however excellent control of the bike and constant concentration are required. The ability to know how to brake with good precision (therefore mastery in the modulation of the brake), and an excellent balance are essential.

S4 – The very technical sigletrails belong to the S4 category, presenting large blocks of rock and/or particularly demanding passages on roots on a terrain that is most often not very compact. Often you will come across ramps with an almost extreme slope, tight hairpin bends and steps, the latter high enough to considerably increase the risk of contact with the crankset chainrings. The use of a bashguard (paracorona) is therefore strongly recommended for these paths. In order to ride S4 trails, trial techniques are absolutely necessary, such as the ability to move the front or rear wheel (for example in sharp bends), perfect braking technique and excellent balance. Only those who love extreme and very technical driving can complete an S4 course. The more technical passages of the S4 type routes are often difficult to overcome even on foot.

Possibility of ferrying to Cavo without a car and using our Bike-Shuttle to transport luggage to our Residence.

Upon arrival of the ELBA SUPER TRAIL in Chiessi, return with our Bike Shuttle.


106km for 3800m altitude+ (about 50% with shuttle)

Altitudine max:736m
Kilometres BIKE:51km
Kilometres SHUTTLE:55km
Altitude+:3.806 m
Altitude+ BIKE:1.703m
Altitude+ SHUTTLE:2.103m
Altitude-:3.700 m
Downhill:41.1 km

Given the mileage and difference in altitude, we recommend doing it in 2 days with a stop halfway through near Lacona or at our Residence.


If you are a group, write to us for a cost estimate including accommodation. If you are an individual, contact us anyway and we will find the best solution for you.

The tour includes the Bike-Shuttle (daily cost €300) and, advised, the cost of the guide: costs that can be viewed on the relevant bike tour page (depends on how many days it takes and therefore how hard the guide works).

Elba MTB offers a 5-day itinerary that covers the whole island: Monte Calamita, Monte Perone, Monte Capanne, Monte Tambone and the northern part (Porto Azzurro/Cavo): FIND OUT MORE.

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